Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie

Crawford 1-1-0

Millsap 1-1-0

Walker 1-0-0

McKay 0-1-1

Neelin 1-0-1

Verstegen 1-1-0

From the Hack: This week on Ice 1, with so many rocks in play it was toe-to-toe ends, coming down to the final shots, ending with Team Verstegen for the win. On Ice 2, a nail-biter to the end. Team Neelin came through in the last end after facing four Team Millsap rocks to take the win. Thank you Bonnie and Christine for the delicious snacks. Great curling ladies! 


Team win-loss-tie

Coulter 6-1-0

Lambert 5-2-1

Bell 4-3-0

Loranger 4-4-0

McDougall 2-6-0

Martens 1-6-1

From the Hack: On Monday, Deb, playing vice, and Bill, skip of Team McDougall, were able to make some wonderful, well-weighted draw shots against Team Bell, to provide their team with their first win. Marty, who came in to spare for Team Coulter, along with Sandy, Ann and Ron only missed one shot in six ends, securing a decisive victory over Team Loranger! 

Wednesday had Linda, Mary, Karen and Michael, of Team Loranger, bounce back with an easy win against Team Lambert. Heather was back to ensure Team McDougall was able to rack up another win.

Thanks to Marie for the excellent apple pies, Deb for the tasty banana bread, and Linda and Michael for the cookies! Good curling everyone!


Team win-loss-tie-points

Cober 3-0-0-30

Dave Millsap 3-1-0-30

Verstegen 2-1-0- 20

Fuller  2-2-0- 20

Neelin 1-2-0- 10

Walker 1-3-0-10

Sauder 0-3-0-0

From the Hack: Winning teams this week included teams Dave Millsap, Howard Walker and Bill Neelin. 50/50 winner was Grant Morgan. 


Team win-loss

Crevier 3-0

Neelin 1-2

Fuller 2-1

Vorstermans 0-3

Meulendyk 1-2

Cass 2-1

From the Hack: Game 3 on Friday night now has the Crevier team in the lead with no losses. The Meulendyk and Neelin Teams had their first wins.  

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