Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie-points

Dave Millsap 4-1-0-40

Cober 3-1-0-30

Verstegen 3-1-0-30

Fuller  2-2-0-20

Walker 2-3-0-20

Neelin 1-3-0-10

Sauder 0-4-0-0

From the Hack: Winning teams this week were teams Walker, Dave Millsap and Verstegen. 50/50 winner was Bill Neelin


Team win-loss-tie

McKay 2-0-1

Neelin 2-0-1

Crawford 1-2-0

Walker 1-2-0

Millsap 1-1-0

Verstegen 1-1-0

From the Hack: Team Crawford played short handed and players needed to step up to new positions. They were resilient and came back in the last end. Team Neelin maintained control during the critical moments to win the game.

Team McKay stole the first three ends from the Walker team. Team Walker came back to tie the game. McKay Rink continued to outplay the Walker team for the win.

Great Curling ladies.


Team win-loss 

Crevier 4-0

Fuller 3-1

Neelin 2-2

Cass 2-2

Meulendyk 1-3

Vorstermans 0-4

From the Hack: Week 4 still has the Crevier team in the lead with no losses. The Neelin and Fuller teams also won to make them close contenders.  


Team win-loss-tie 

Coulter 9-1-0

Lambert 6-3-1

Loranger 6-4-0

Bell 4-6-0

Martens 2-7-1

McDougall 2-8-0

From the Hack: On Monday, Al, Marty and Eugene, of Team Lambert, took a commanding lead in the first few ends against Team Coulter, however, it’s not over till it’s over, and sure enough, Sandy, Ann and Ron, threw excellent stones in the second half, enabling their vice to place another checkmark in the win column of the score sheet! On Sheet 2, Team Loranger and Team McDougall had a close game with Michael, Karen, Mary and Linda narrowly securing the victory.

Wednesday had Teams Coulter, Lambert and Loranger racking up wins.

Thanks to Sandy, Mary Linda and Karen for the treats this week!

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