Teen tech whiz ready to tackle digital to-dos

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Wondering what to do with all those amazing photos you collected over the Holidays? Two choices… bury them along with the other gazillion photos you have, or engage local tech whiz Dash Yurkovich- Dyer to help you organize them and create beautiful digital albums that you can print and share with loved ones.

Photo and CD digitization are just examples of the many things this young 15-year old can help you with, having launched his new business: “Dash: The Tech Handyman.”

Based in Creemore, this is your one-stop shop for all those annoying technical questions that get you stumped, annoyed, irritated or on a helpdesk call for hours on end.

Yurkovich-Dyer is multi-faceted with all things technology. Home networking or wifi networking set up? He’s on it. Navigating new software or updates? He can make it easy. New device? He’ll get you up and running. New computer, printer or scanner? He’s got you. Bluetooth speakers under the Christmas tree? He’ll get the music going for you. Apple car play, iPad, digital lighting and stereo apps got you scratching your head? He’ll sort you out. Need to create a video that amazes your friends and family? He can help! Time to finally digitize all those CDs collecting dust on your shelf? Look no further.

“I’ve always been pretty excited about technology and the way it works,” said Yurkovich-Dyer. “Even when I was younger (than 15…), I have been the guy that the family would come to if they had an issue or a question. One day my mom came to me and said you have this great market that you could help, doing what you love and what you are good at. That’s how it all got started.”

So far, he has been engaged in a range of issues, challenges and projects across Clearview. Some have been simple things like setting up a new computer, to more complex brain-teasers like solving a mysterious “blue screen.”

Recent projects include the development of inspirational posters, to digitizing boxes of old photos onto a portable thumb drive for a family who was downsizing.

“I’ve always been offering technical help to my friends,” said Yurkovich-Dyer. “Helping others solve software and hardware problems is an extension of what I really enjoy and get excited about: I get to work with technology which is something I really love and as a bonus, I am using my expertise and knowledge to find solutions to problems my clients can’t solve on their own.”

Yurkovich-Dyer was “that kid” who was curious enough to take things apart and figure out how they worked. At 12 he would dissect appliances, radios and even an extension cord – all seeking to understand their mechanics and innerworkings. Watching videos and observing other experts, this young man actually built his own computer, having bought all the necessary components and assembling them on his own.

On his desk sits an old 2009 Mac mini.

“One day I just started playing and tinkering with it, exploring how it worked,” he said. “I disassembled and reassembled so many times – it was like a toy box for me.”

A Grade 10 French Immersion student at Collingwood Collegiate Institute, Yurkovich-Dyer leverages his knowledge and expertise in the classroom as well.

“Right now I use technology for about 75 per cent of the work that I do. My skills help me complete homework in a more efficient way, including building visual presentations in Google Slides and PowerPoint, or using video editor to make videos for English class,” he said.

“As I think to the future, I would like to take one of two career paths – software design or engineering. I would like to get into that field to help design new products. So my Tech Handyman work is totally aligned with that goal.”

Ready to tackle both hardware and software challenges, Yurkovich-Dyer charges $25 per hour and will always quote up front if it’s a bigger job. He can be reached by email at dashthetechhandyman@gmail.com or by cell on 705-607-8135. Visit https://sites.google.com/view/thetechhandyman.

Janet Logan is a Creemore resident with a background in business development and entrepreneurship. Amazed by flourishing new businesses across Clearview, her articles aim to feature these entrepreneurs and share their stories with the community.

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