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Opening a physiotherapy and personal training centre at their farm near Creemore seems like a logical next step for Brandi and Chris Kornacki. The pair met when they both worked at an executive health and wellness centre in Toronto. Brandi is a registered physiotherapist with a degree from the University of Sydney. Chris is a highly qualified personal trainer. His special area of expertise is helping clients with acute or chronic injuries and guiding them toward optimal performance.

The Kornackis purchased their farm on Fairgrounds Road in 2018, driven by an interest in health and fitness, and concerns about the quality of their food. HogWild Farming has become known for it grass-fed finished beef, pasture-raised pork and chicken, and their innovative approach to regenerative agriculture. With Brandi ready to return to work following the birth of their first child, they decided the time was right to launch FarmaCare Fitness and Physiotherapy.

Brandi describes her approach to physio as movement based.

“It’s a combination of hands on treatment and exercise,” she said.

She can handle physician referrals, but will work primarily with the general population dealing with aches and pains associated with skiing, hiking, running and various other activities.

Having a baby has changed her perspective on fitness.

“My pregnancy went really well and it was not a difficult birth but I felt very weak afterwards,” said Brandi.

While she is not a specialist in pelvic health, Brandi feels she can relate to new moms, and would like to help them get back to feeling like themselves by focusing on core stability.

A typical course of treatment can last anywhere from three weeks to indefinitely. Acute injuries usually require four to eight weeks but Brandi says, “Once they see us for a little bit they tend to think it’s great and want to keep coming.”

Physio sessions are either one hour or 30 minutes, with appointments available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Initial physiotherapy assessments will be $110 with 60 minute follow up treatments priced at $125. Physio costs will be reimbursed by most private insurers.

Once Brandi has helped clients dealing with pain, Chris will be available to develop structured conditioning programs.

“We’re not going to fix you, but we can help you fix yourself,” said Chris. “We can provide information, expertise, coaching and guidance, but it’s really up to you to provide the effort to get results.”

Chris says the initial free one-hour fitness assessment includes goal setting and a physical assessment after which he will design a personalized work out routine.

“The more ambitious the goal, the more aggressive the program,” he said.

Follow up training sessions start at $100 per hour with package pricing available. Pricing and other information is available at

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