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Opportunities for adults with special needs to build life skills and be engaged in recreational and social activities after their formalized high school experience ends are limited in the Southern Georgian Bay Community, particularly in the rural communities. Events for Life seeks to fill that gap by, among other things, offering a year-round day program that provides recreation, skill development, increased physicality, community orientation and lifelong learning. At its November meeting, the members of 100 Men Who Care Southern Georgian Bay chose Events for Life and donated $10,597.44 to support its operations.

Events for Life began as a summer program in 2013 and has grown every year since. Today, it has a reputation for excellence that stretches well beyond its Southern Georgian Bay Community borders; families from around Southern Ontario have moved into our community to allow their adult child to be part of their programming. “We are pleased to support Events for Life and the great work they do to help the participants with special needs become more integrated into our community,” said Bob Hughes, Leadership Team Member, 100 Men Who Care Southern Georgian Bay. “The work performed by the Events for Life team, including some 30-plus volunteers, allows individuals with special needs to live, learn, work and enrich our community.”

The funds being provided by 100 Men Who Care Southern Georgian Bay will be used to help EFL further develop their creative, visual, and performing arts programs. More specifically incorporating art therapy into the program and using art as a means of self-expression. Funds will also be used to help EFL produce an interactive music video using American Sign Language (ASL).

“We are so grateful for the support from the 100 Men Who Care Southern Georgian Bay,” said Events for Life Executive Director Barb Weeden. “The generosity from this group of caring men is so wonderful for our community especially for charities like Events for Life. These funds will go directly into our program and help us develop new and interactive activities that the participants will really enjoy. The new video we will be producing will be sure to warm your hearts.”

100 Men Who Care Southern Georgian Bay seeks to provide some of that support by bringing together 100 or more men to each contribute $100 at each of its four yearly meetings to a local charity chosen by the membership at each meeting. A small donation by many gives 100 Men Who Care Southern Georgian Bay the opportunity to make a real impact to the local charities it supports. Visit 100menwhocaresgb.ca for more info.

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