New contractor hired to complete hall renos

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Clearview Township has invoked an emergency method under its procurement bylaw to award a new construction contract for Avening Hall.

On Monday, council approved a contract with Domm Construction in the amount of $1.4 million.

An emergency is defined as, “a situation where the immediate acquisition of goods or services is essential to prevent serious delays, injury, further damage, or to restore or maintain minimum service and protect the environment or supply of safe drinking water.”

The township has worked with Domm Construction on the New Lowell fire hall/ public works building project and the Sunnidale Corners Community Centre renovation projects, both of which are nearing completion.

Domm Construction, the second ranked bidder in the original tender process for the Avening accessibility renovation project, has confirmed it will honour its original tender price.

“We feel very confident that they will be able to deliver as per the tendering process that was submitted,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Terry Vachon.

To date, Clearview Township has paid $162,379 for materials and work completed at Avening Hall.

“There will be additional costs associated with the unanticipated effects required by the architect and engineering team to review and address any deficiencies, which is estimated to be approximately $44,620 as of end of December 2023,” stated Vachon in his report.

At this point the township is estimating an additional $155,498 in costs, to come from reserves.

For legal reasons, an in-camera report will be presented to council this month with more information for councillors and possible recourse to recoup lost funds.

It is vital to the township that the planned renovations continue so regular use and bookings resume as soon as possible. Securing a new contractor is essential to the successful completion of the project.

The original tender went to IHC General Contracting for $1.35 million.

The project started in June 2023, but the contract was terminated in late November 2023 with the company demobilizing from the Avening property by Dec. 1.

Most of the discussions around the dissolution of the contract have taken place in-camera.

To protect the facility from the elements, the township hired Domm Construction to winterize and protect the facility during the first week of December, including draining of water lines, tarping, frost protection, heating in the main hall, protections for the bowling alleys, and the wrapping of the exterior.

“Although the building has been winterized, it is vital to the township that the project is not left in the state of partial construction,” reported Vachon. “Securing a new contractor is essential to prevent serious delays and further damage, protect against higher costs, and to restore the Avening Community Centre for use and bookings.”

Construction on the renovation is expected to resume at the end of February.

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