Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie-points

John Millsap 5-0-0-50

Verstegen 3-2-0-30

Dave Millsap 3-2-0-30

Crevier 3-2-0-30

Flack 2-3-0-20

Walker 2-3-0-20

Wilson 1-4-0-10

Cober 1-4-0-10

From the Hack: This week’s winners were teams John Millsap, Cober, Dave Millsap and Crevier. John Millsap’s team won despite giving up a five-point first end to remain undefeated. 50/50 winner was Dave Duff $75. 


Team win-loss-tie

Lambert 5-2-1

Loranger 3-3-2

Martens 3-4-1

Walker 3-4-1

Gallaugher 3-4-1

From the Hack: On Monday, Team Lambert battled against Team Martens for first place. Karen stepped up to skip, while Al was away. Heather was the spare for Al and she came in as lead. It was a close game, matching point for point each end. Team Lambert’s front end set up a favourable layout in the seventh, with Karen landing a superb draw shot to the four foot, scoring three to seal the win! Congratulations to Al, Karen, Joan and Jim, of Team Lambert, for winning session two.

On the other sheet, Team Loranger secured a win over Team Gallaugher to enable them to climb up the score board to finish in second place!

Thanks to Karen and Barb for the cookies, this week. Good curling everyone!


Team win-loss-tie

Walker 4 0-0

Crawford 2-1-1

Arsenault  2. 2-0

Verstegen 1-2-1

Millsap 1-2-0

McKay  0-3-0

From the Hack: There were many standout moments. Here are some highlights from this week’s matches.

Arsenault versus Verstegen: Gabe volunteered to step up this draw and skip. She is excelling in her new role, leading her team to victory.

Monday night we had Crawford versus Verstegen. Their teams had many goods shots and this exciting game ended in a tie. 

Arsenault versus Walker also had a thrilling game with so many skilled shots from both teams. Walker squeaked out the win.


McArthur 4-1

Morby 3-2

Crevier 3-2

Cass 2-3

Prosser 2-3

Baylis 1-4

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