Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie 

Gallaugher 4-2-0

Loranger 3-3-1

Lambert 3-3-0 

Martens 2-2-2

Walker 2-4-1

From the Hack: On Monday, Team Gallaugher was on fire! Jim, the lead, managed to set his stones perfectly in the house, behind the guards thrown by Team Loranger. Barb, the second, and playing as a substitute for Gail, placed her rocks on the button. Liz, the vice, had excellent draw weight to sit nicely in the house. And Marian, the skip, finished off each end with superb draw shots. If their called shot didn’t work, their in-off’s did!

Team Loranger had no answer to Team Gallaugher’s assault! Wednesday had Teams Lambert and Walker winning! Thanks to Marie, Marty, and Jim for the treats this week. Good curling everyone!


Team win-loss-tie-points 

Beattie 4-0-0-40

Vorstermans 3-1-0-30

Woodhouse 2-2-0-20

Stephens 2-2-0-20

Sauder 1-2-1-15

Deslippe 1-2-1-15

Cass 1-2-1-15

Whitley 0-3-1-5

From the Hack: Winners this week were teams Vorstermans and Beattie. Two games tied with teams Deslippe vs Sauder and Whitley vs Cass. 50/50 winner was Marty Beelen $70.


Team win-loss-tie

Scime 3-0-1

Jeffrey 2-2-0

Leimgardt 2-2-0

Huskinson 1-1-1

Prosser 1-1-1

Parkes 0-3-1

From the Hack: Another great week of ladies curling with our rookie skips-All the teams played well with lots of rocks in play each end.

Just a few more weeks and our season will be over.

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