Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie

Beattie 4-1-0-40

Vorstermans 3-2-0-30

Woodhouse 3-2-0-30

Stephens 3-2-0-30

Cass 3-2-0-30

Sauder 2-3-0-20

Deslippe 1-3-1-15

Whitley 0-4-1-5

From the Hack: Winning teams this week were teams Stephens, Cass, Woodhouse and Sauder.  50/50 winner was Dave Millsap, $75.



Team win-loss-tie 

Crevier 4-0-0

Baylis 2-1-1

Arsenault 2-2-0

Fuller 1-3-0

Scime 0-3-1

From the Hack: The Crevier team is leading the Mixed League in the 3rd  session, all competing for the Creemore Village Pharmacy Trophy.  The teams are led by the ladies to give the session a bit of a twist. Lots of challenges for first time skips.   



Team win-loss-tie

Scime 3-0-1

Jeffrey 2-3-0

Leimgardt 2-2-0

Huskinson 2-1-2

Prosser 2-1-2

Parkes 0-4-1

From the Hack: Thursday night’s game between Teams Prosser and Huskinson was a very close cat-and-mouse game, ending in a 4-4 tie.

Monday night on Ice 1, Team Parkes vs Team Huskinson, resulted in a win by Team Huskinson. On Ice 2, Team Prosser vs Team Jeffrey, a close yo-yo game until the last end with a four pointer by Team Prosser to take the win. Looking forward to next Monday for an end of season fun curling night! 

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