Applications open for NVCA’s 2025 tree planting

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Landowners are invited to apply for the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority’s (NVCA) 2025 tree planting grants before next winter.

“As Spring is approaching, many landowners are looking to plant their forests this year,” said Rick Grillmayer, Manager of Forestry at NVCA. “However, planting forests takes a lot of planning. We look at soil conditions, the tree species that are suitable for the property, and most importantly, we need to let the nurseries know what species of trees we need so they can start growing the trees.”

There are two requirements to qualify for tree planting grants from NVCA: the property must be in the Nottawasaga Watershed, and there is a minimum of one hectare of planting space. Depending on the location of the site, NVCA may be able to cover 25-95 per cent of tree planting project costs. Properties over 4.45 hectares in size may be eligible for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program.

“Interested landowners can contact me to schedule a free site visit,” continued Grillmayer. “We will discuss the tree planting process, funding structure and feasibility of planting on the site. If everything goes well, I will develop a tree planting plan for the site and schedule the property into the 2025 spring tree plant!”

Landowners who do not meet the minimum requirements for NVCA’s tree planting program can purchase seedlings at NVCA’s Arbor Day Tree Sale. There will be a variety of bareroot tree and shrub seedlings for sale. Trees and shrubs are sold in bundles of 10 for $35 each.

Planting trees helps to provide wildlife habitat, shade rivers and streams, produces oxygen, among many other benefits. Well managed forests also contribute to the economy by providing wood for construction and wood fiber for products such as paper.

For more information about NVCA’s tree planting program or Arbor Day Tree Sale, visit

To schedule a site assessment, contact Rick Grillmayer at 705-424- 1479 ext. 230 or email rgrillmayer@

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