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Clayton Whitley is drawing on his farm knowledge to provide smart solutions to his clients’ agricultural fencing needs.

At 27, Whitley already has three years of experience. He started the company with his father Jim who is very active in the agricultural community. When not working at his day job, Whitley is using his spare time to work on projects.

Having grown up on a farm, Whitley is able to help clients plan for proper placement of access gates and other infrastructure.

When Ron Adam and Glenn Jones moved to their home in Mulmur they realized their three horses would need a bit more space so they went looking for someone to create new paddocks.

Adam was impressed with Whitley’s consultative approach and his practical, yet aesthetic, way of thinking.

“He works with you. Everyone has input,” said Adam. “I find him extremely accommodating.”

Whitley was able to build a custom fence that was appealing and utilitarian, while being durable.

“Horses are very hard on fences,” explained Whitley, who was installing a page wire with small enough holes so the horses wouldn’t get their hooves caught.

Whitley has just finished installing about 2,300 feet of fence at Oakleigh Farm, and has in the past completed two projects at about 5,000 feet each.

He installs page wire, cedar rail and board fence as enclosures for different types of livestock, with the goal of expanding into a full service agricultural and residential construction partner, doing decks, driveways, and yard fencing.

Find Clayton Whitley Projects on Instagram. Call 705-627-8900.

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