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When I heard about Ashley Gilbert, a new local registered massage therapist (RMT), I was excited to meet him as I love a great massage. Getting to know him however, proved more than I ever expected: Gilbert’s story is grounded in a personal and professional quest to heal; and his massage technique? Like no other.

Gilbert, from a young age, was a bit of a prodigy and one that his parents simply did not know how to guide. School proved to be challenging as children with special needs struggled in the 70s. Gilbert knew he had a gift but he didn’t understand its power much less how to harness it. Finishing high school, he dropped out of college.

“The first 27 years of my life were tumultuous,” said Gilbert. “I didn’t completely fit in but I still found ways to function. I had physical and mental health challenges. Growing up without much means, there was a lot I had to figure out on my own. I read. I researched. I studied. I wanted to find ways to heal myself.”

As a young adult, he was determined to find a profession that not only aligned with his insatiable desire to study health and wellness, but actually benefitted from it. Someone suggested he pursue massage therapy and it ticked all the boxes.

Gilbert was accepted into the Sutherland-Chan School in Toronto.

“The teachers not only understood me but revelled in my unique abilities,” said Gilbert. “The concepts taught were very real to me. Anatomy, neurology, physiology: We spoke a common language from the beginning and I took to it like fish to water.”

While becoming an RMT felt like the right fit for Gilbert, his pursuit of lifelong learning propelled him forward. Learning how to treat dysfunctions in the body at school, one element of his education always bothered him: The concept of “insidious onset issues” meaning a disorder or dysfunction that develops over time that can reach a harmful stage before being diagnosed. An elusive enigma to his studies, Gilbert was determined to crack the code and thus began his quest.

“When I graduated, I decided that I was not going to accept that,” he said. “Not knowing wasn’t enough. I wanted to try and help people get to the original root and cause of their pain.”

With a determined and dedicated pursuit, he started to fit the puzzle pieces together. Via his practice, he saw connections, relationships and trends in his treatments.

“These trends allowed me to move away from a more traditional approach that involves muscles, movement and circulation and focus on a practice based on the nervous system and how it connects to the fascia,” said Gilbert. “I realized that manipulating and unclogging the nervous system along the spine can create monumental shifts and can get to the root of very nearly all issues.”

The Gilbert Method was developed and has hundreds of success stories. Requiring a minimum session of 90 minutes, The Gilbert Method is less about relaxation and more about results.

“I’ve never met a person in which these principles don’t apply. I use this methodology on every single person and it always works,” he said.

Gilbert currently travels between his clinic in Toronto and his new home here in Creemore. Currently working out of a peaceful and renovated space behind The Keep Refillery, Gilbert is looking to spend more time in the area, expand and grow his practice locally and invest in this community.

“My family fell in love with Creemore. And while I do still go back and forth to Toronto for now, I have found a place here that simply aligns with the peace, ease and tranquility I want to create in my practice,” he said.

To book an appointment, call 416-927-9954 or visit and select Creemore as the location.

Janet Logan is a Creemore resident with a background in business development and entrepreneurship. Amazed by flourishing new businesses across Clearview, her articles aim to feature these entrepreneurs and share their stories with the community.

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