YIMBYism encourages support for diverse housing

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On Tuesday, Simcoe County Warden Basil Clarke officially proclaimed YIMBY Week from May 26-31 and was joined by county councillors and partners at Redwood Park Communities to raise awareness for the Yes In My Back Yard movement through a flag raising ceremony.

The YIMBY movement encourages residents to support more diverse housing opportunities that welcome more inclusive communities.

During the last week of May, the County of Simcoe will actively promote YIMBY Week across the region.

The YIMBY campaign is led by Redwood Park Communities and started in 2019, gaining momentum through flag-raisings in various communities. Clearview Township followed suit on Monday with a proclamation and a flag-raising on May 29.

The County of Simcoe officials said it is pleased to support this awareness initiative as it aligns with our goals and its part in this movement by providing regional administration and funding for affordable housing, poverty reduction and homelessness prevention among other social and community services offered by the county.

“The YIMBY movement is one that I hope many of our residents across the county resonate with, since its message and goal is synonymous with our goals at the county,” said Clarke. “In order to continue to grow our communities and make housing affordable for everyone, a YIMBY mentality is vital.”

“YIMBY just means recognizing that everyone should have a safe, affordable, hopeful place to call home,” said Tim Kent, Redwood’s cofounder and CEO.

“Ending homelessness is a big goal, but it’s doable, and everyone has a part to play in making sure our communities are affordable and inclusive for everyone who lives here,” said Jennifer van Gennip, Redwood’s director of communications and advocacy and YIMBY organizer.

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