Pandemic mitigation bonus buck passed onto taxpayers

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Air Canada has paid $20 million in bonuses to senior staff while the Canadian taxpayer agreed to giving the company a welfare cheque of $5.9 billion.
The airline industry is largely responsible for the pandemic as they have carried the virus all over the world due to their ignorance of how viruses spread.
Obviously, such foresight is not available to the MBAs who manage a large industry with the wisdom of five-year-olds selling lemonade at the end of their driveway. Their business model is reduced to attaining the lowest cost per air mile to transport one pound of human flesh.
Clearly the whole senior staff should be fired with cause and the bonuses reversed. Replacements would need to be capable of managing an environmentally challenged industry in a changing world.
This is not an industry that should be saved in its present form. The mobility craze has cost us dearly. We have learned some adaptive techniques in the last year. We move slower, walk, read, garden and meditate. Our bodies thank us for it.
Ted McGovern,

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