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No bags at Foodland? That’s irresponsible. Here’s why: You operate a business, selling to the public. How do your customers, the people who provide you with a living, get their groceries home?
Rather than claim that you are saving the environment, or pointing a finger at the franchise, think about the people who are spending money at your store.
For customers who bring their own bags, great! But there have to be options for everyone. Here are some reasons why.
1. An unscheduled stop on the way home because company is coming;
2. Physically handicapped or older customers. Carrying even one or two cans may be a challenge;
3. You forgot your bags at home; or
4. You didn’t bring enough bags.
Post signs at the entrance, and around the store… and leave them up! Get the word out.
Provide recyclable bags to those who need them. Paper works. We used paper for years before someone came up with plastic shopping bags. Not many people will object to five cents a bag charge.
Be responsible to your employees. They are the ones who must endure the brunt of the anger from customers who cannot get their purchases home.
Business owners have to lead, be responsible to their customers, and set a positive example for everyone. It makes the community stronger.
Steve Redgwell,
New Lowell.

Editor’s note: Foodland does not have free bags but does have options to purchase bags, including paper bags for 10 cents. They also have a take-a-bag leave-a-bag bin for reusable bags. 

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