Off and running to the finish line at the Village Green

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Many requests from residents for ongoing news about the Village Green project have prompted the Creemore Community Foundation to commit to providing a regular update in The Echo.

Our new Creemore Village Green is now nearing completion of all foundations, storage buildings, underground storm water drainage and electrical services. Construction at the Village Green is picking up speed after a series of events which seriously slowed the project over the last few months.
The most significant delay (over two months) resulted from an error in the concrete work for the stage which required it to be re-engineered, partially demolished, and then partially repoured. Due to the stage’s location, other work was also delayed, including the installation of the underground services for the park. It is looking like our new park will be completed this year with some planting happening both this fall and next spring.
Some other modest delays also resulted from the complex landscape design and some difficult site conditions. Beneath the entire park was a river in the Ice Age that made the soils unable to support the structures being built on it. The buildings had to be carefully designed and engineered, with extensive underground work required for the stability of all structures.
Fortunately, significant progress has continued where possible. The sophisticated structure and plumbing for both the splash pad and fountain are essentially complete. The storage shed (next to Foodland), the mechanical building and the Creemore Horticultural Society storage space (next to the Bank Café) are done as well.
Over the next few weeks, the Foundation expects to finish the underground services and then start pouring the curbs and laying pavers for the park walkways. They also hope to install the Children’s Dress-up Dance sculpture on its base by the end of August. This is a critical step in the project and the Foundation expects to have an appropriate celebration at the site.
September will be the start of the installation of the steel for the new stage which will be a landmark of the Creemore Village Green, followed by some beautiful signage completed by Shane Durnford.

– Submitted by Creemore Community Foundation.

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