There is support for County Road 91 closure

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I noticed that there are a lot of signs in our neighbourhood regarding an active campaign going on against Highway 91’s closure. As a former member of the Clearview Community Coalition, I would also like to express my point of view. 
For a few years we have fought for the closure or the reduction of Walker Quarry’s operations as it causes catastrophic damage to the environment – it is harmful for the ecology and ultimately for the peace of the residents of the area (due to the strong noise and pollution). We have spent a lot of time and money on this fight, there were several court hearings as a result of which Walker was allowed to expand but on certain conditions. 
One of the conditions was the closure of Highway 91. It may lead to the inconveniece of driving around for a few miles, but if you look at it through our eyes, you will see that it is impossible to live a normal life when more than a hundred trucks per day are speeding by, causing tremendous noise, vibration, and gas pollution which we can feel in our backyards. Sometimes it feels like a chemical plant or a military tank range. The pollution and the noise are egregious. 
 Driving conditions became dangerous, especially on slippery road conditions, and when turning in or out of our driveways. Only by a miracle we managed to avoid accidents a few times. I understand that this highway is convenient for someone. Yet you should just know that there are people who are in favour of closing this road, in order to reduce dangerous traffic, noise, and pollution.  
Yes, we are ready to go around, the distance is in fact very short. I hope for your understanding. I just wanted to express my point of view.
Dr. Rami Bleckt,

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