ATV motion must be withdrawn

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It is beyond comprehension why Councillor Lamers of New Lowell at the end of his tenure would risk his good legacy – as well as council’s – by re-introducing a motion in the final stages of a lame duck council to allow ATVs yet again in Creemore and Dunedin.

This issue has bitterly divided the community and has been settled. If council wishes to preserve its integrity and our respect, the motion must be withdrawn or dismissed.

It has been a challenging time for all of us these past two years. There are larger issues that we need to constructively address together. We look forward to meeting the new council to address these.

Greg Young,

President, CARA.

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  • Brian Hoysa

    The issue was resolved for the short term. However the stats don’t lie. 20 complaints have been logged since, 17 were dismissed. No accidents or mass casualties that Clearview United predicted. There are more issues with Cyclists on Township roads than ATVs.

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