Gardeners encouraged to donate surplus crops to food bank

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I would like to thank Helen Blackburn for her “Garden brings health and happiness” letter in the last week’s Echo.

For those in the community who do not know Helen, she is well known for her historical knowledge of Creemore, and was a teacher for many years. Helen has been an avid gardener most of her life and her tips are very helpful for the novice gardener.

At St. Luke’s Community Foodbank, we are hoping that some produce could be donated to our foodbank. Our volunteers will gladly pick up from anyone who has something to share. A few tomatoes, or a pepper or two would be very appreciated. Growing, and sharing food will, like Helen stated brings “happiness and good eating.” Let’s see how many new gardens we can have throughout our village!

Rev. Lorna May,
St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Creemore

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