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Again, austerity is a word unknown to this council, having seen the final bids for Avening Hall from seven bidders with paving options. Look closely at the paving pricing, which is all over the map: IHC General Contracting – $1,305,370, Paving – $47,000; Domm Construction, $1,350,000 and $65,000; Construction Solutions ASI Inc., $1,515,000 and $30,000; Unique Builders Inc., $1,560,000 and $75,000; Anacond Contracting Inc., $1,763,000 and $23,000; Bertram Construction Barrie, $1,829,353 and $68,224; and GTA General Contractors Ltd., $1,975,200 and $36,000.

How can there be a $600,000 difference in building pricing? How can there be $46,000 difference in paving?

I’m not Kreskin but I predict we’ll be paying closer to the middle of the seven bidders with “unforeseen” extras.

How much in fundraising has gone to this venture? And will these unnecessary costly options now be the benchmark for the rest of the halls?

Oh, and on a final note, after burning through reserves ( taxpayer funds) the deficit for the Sunnidale and Avening Halls stands at -$573,000, which we the taxpayer finance. At what interest rate? How long is the term?

Dave Witzke,


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