CARA in support of maintaining ATV status quo

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The Creemore Area Residents’ Association (CARA) presented results of its most recent off-road vehicle survey at the May 24 public meeting held in Stayner to hear public input on opening ATV access in the Creemore area.

The meeting was held in review of Clearview Township’s Off-road Vehicle By-law 20-71, to seek public opinion on options including the creation of a permit system to give off- road vehicle drivers in the settlement areas of Creemore and Dunedin direct access to designated approved OFATV trail. Other options presented were to open all municipal roads except where safety and environmental sensitivity is a concern, or to maintain status quo, meaning to stick with the prohibited zone south of County Road 9 and west of Airport Road.

The CARA survey, conducted between May 16-24, was circulated to members by email and advertised in The Creemore Echo. Of 110 respondents, 94 per cent indicated they do not want all township roads opened to off-road vehicles and 87 per cent said they are in favour of maintaining status quo.

“The data speaks for itself, but it clearly shows very strong local support in Creemore for keeping the ATV bylaw as is, not just amongst CARA members but also the broader community,” said CARA president Greg Young.

The survey results also indicated there was little change in opinion from a similar survey done by CARA in 2020, when 86 per cent said they did not want to see increased access.

Comments indicate that residents continue to see infractions despite the prohibition on off-road vehicles in the Creemore area.

“CARA respects that many ATVs are necessary for agricultural and commercial use and that owners may wish to use them on their private rural property,” said Young. “Despite the claims of the ATV advocates that they obey the rules, we have received extensive references from those surveyed that many ATV [riders] are not showing respect for the current bylaw. Most all of this is unreported to the township so enforcement remains an issue that needs to be carefully considered… Clearly, council needs to respect the wishes of Creemore residents and retain the status quo bylaw.”

Survey results:

1. Open all roads in Clearview to ATV/ORV traffic (without requiring permits)? Rationale: Consistent approach across township. Simple for users to understand.

Support 2%

Partially support 4%

Does not support 94%

Reasons: noise, safety, traffic, environmental impact

2. Keep current bylaw as is – Status quo? Rationale: No amendments needed. Has worked well for three years.

Support 87%

Partial support 7%

Does not support 6%

Reasons: current bylaw is working well, with fewer infractions

3. Should the current bylaw be amended to permit residents of Creemore and Dunedin to apply for permits to use off-road vehicles in the restricted areas to access OFATV trails?

Support 7%

Partial support 14%

Does not support 62%

Reasons: Adds bureaucracy, difficult to enforce

4. Should enforcement be strengthened to have offences and set fines?

Support 59%

Partial support 12%

Does not support 10%

Reasons: enforcement is essential for compliance

Note: 83% of respondents indicated they are Clearview residents with 95% living in Ward 2 which includes Creemore, Glen Huron, Dunedin, and Avening.

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