If Ford had a modicum of integrity, he would resign

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In his Sept. 8 letter to the editor, Richard Bino expressed a reasonable three-point Greenbelt action plan. As well, he diplomatically stated “no one needs to resign, just admit to a poorly thought out process.”

However, when is it time to differentiate between a vague admission of a “poorly thought out process” and the potential of blatant corruption accompanied by a woeful lack of accountability? Two underlings of Premier Ford have taken the fall. Presumably the potential RCMP investigation will illuminate the truth.

Are we going to blindly accept the excuses of Premier Ford over the findings of the non-partisan Auditor General and Ethics commission? Both concluded that the land ownership transfers of the Greenbelt were fraught with unethical manipulations.

Mr. Bino calls on us to “think.” Well, I’ve thought about Fords non-involvement contributing to the “Freedom Convoy” debacle in Ottawa and his long standing relationship with mega wealthy land developer cronies.

Ford has deflected any personal responsibility to a “complete review” of Greenbelt lands.

If Ford had a modicum of integrity he would admit his transgressions, resign and hand leadership over to a more community-minded individual who prioritizes agricultural land, who legitimately pays attention to environmental concerns and appropriately deals with the real emergency of unaffordable housing (using existing designated lands).

But will he resist the intoxication of power?

Dan Watkin,


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