May be time to let fireworks fizzle

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Re: “Legion opts out of 2024 Canada Day fireworks” The Creemore Echo, Jan. 26, page 1. 

While many of us have enjoyed the annual display over the past years and have appreciated the amount of time and effort, not to mention the money that had to be raised, now seems like a good time to move on and celebrate Canada Day without them.

As we’re learning more about the “collateral damage” caused by fireworks (distraught animals, air pollutants, PTSD triggers), perhaps we’d be better looking back with fond memories and saying thanks to the folks who made it happen. Sometimes continuing to do something because it’s a tradition, doesn’t make it right or the best option for a community going forward.

Rather than spending the $9,000 that it costs for entertainment that literally goes up in smoke in 30 minutes, there are many organizations in and around our village that could use it for their great community work. That would be called “collateral benefit.”

Barb and Peter Halsall,


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