Two wins for climate action

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Reading about the positive news here in Clearview (“Clearview to establish climate committee,” The Creemore Echo, Jan. 19, page 1) is a welcome respite from much of what is going on in the world right now. So kudos to Clearview council for unanimously approving the draft terms of reference for the future Climate Action Advisory Committee. Also that week, at the Official Plan open house – thanks to Mayor Measures, council, and staff for providing that additional opportunity for public input – Patrick Casey of GSP Group, Clearview’s Official Plan consultants, acknowledged and commended all for the thoughtful comments they received from our community in support of addressing climate in the Official Plan.

To all those interested in helping our community work with Clearview council and staff towards ensuring a sustainable, resilient future benefitting our health, our economy, and our quality of life, please come to Creemore Station on the Green this coming Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 7 p.m. The Clearview Sustainability Network will be hosting a gathering to further our common goals of assuring a vibrant future for Clearview.

Suzanne Wesetvik,


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