Remembering countless acts of kindness

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I wanted to share a big thank you to all of the local businesses that contributed to our raffle basket and the people that bought tickets to raise money in support of St. Luke’s Community Food Bank. It was so heartwarming to experience such generosity from almost everyone that we asked to help. A special thank you to Jeri (Colours of Creemore) for letting us use her storefront and the staff at The Creemore Echo for raising awareness and contributing the printing of our flyers.

Raising money for the food bank is special for me because I am not sure what I would have done without this resource when I was raising my kids as a single mom in Creemore. The only food bank in the area at that time was in Wasaga Beach and, although staff did their very best, there wasn’t much to choose from.

I worked long hours for a local accountant, who paid me minimum wage at the time, and had to figure out how to support myself and three children. Their father wasn’t able to contribute financially so I relied on the food bank many times to make it through those days.

That was many years ago and today, I have a dream come true life here in Creemore. I have experienced the pleasure of running an abundant business from my home for many years that easily pays my bills and have close friends and family to share this beautiful valley with.

As grateful as I am for the food bank, it is only one of the resources that contributed to my personal success today. I was so fortunate to experience countless acts of kindness from people in this town and every single one of them helped me create this life. From having my driveway cleared of snow, to people funding school trips, to finding fresh baked goods at my front door. If you were one of the people that helped me and my family, please know that I remember what you did and I am paying it forward. I know the difference it makes and thank you.

Kristen Engel,


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