Future grim for those without deep pockets

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The wall of shame that is being built in Creemore is nearly complete. We have an opportunity to poke some holes in it now but it will take some doing. In this town we talk to our friends, neighbours and workmates every day. We all know the problem and share our grief that nothing is being done.

Affordable housing… woe is me!

I asked a friend, if she didn’t own her house in Creemore, would she be able to afford a $2,500 rental fee. “Absolutely impossible”… although she and her husband are both good earners supporting two kids. She lamented that her kids are never going to be able to live here. The future is grim for anyone without deep pockets or a house to sell to live comfortably in Creemore.

Another friend who had a solid career before retiring seven years ago has an affordable rental by the grace of a very old man who rents her a house in town. “But when he is gone I’m going to have to leave and try to find something in the back of beyond that I can afford”. She is a pillar of this community, volunteering her time and warmth to many projects in town, plays pickleball in town, is a member of the Hort Society and is known by at least 500 people here. We are going to lose her and others around us who serve the community.

Why have we let this happen…the ‘big hearted’ community?

I am politically cynical. Developers have been allowed to build without any consideration for the town’s future. The future of Creemore looks to me like a fairy tale small town for the wealthy. Where will the ‘everyman’ live? Where will our grads go?

This is not the story where people have created, for the greater good, affordable housing in their communities.

The Antigonish Affordable Housing Society has in 10 years managed to build 39 handsome, energy- efficient rental units for a section of society that can’t meet our crushing economic reality. They have a template and are willing to share it. There are others as well. We do not have to invent the wheel.

Please come to a meeting in Stayner this Monday night to discuss affordable housing in Clearview. Various government levels are offering incentives. Finally council has had to hear the facts and is on board with facilitating a change. Please be a part of thesolution. Send your kids too!

The meeting is at Centennial Church Stayner in Stayner at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 4.

Martha Bull,


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