Over development comes with added costs

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As a long time resident of Clearview and a retired outdoor rock climber there are a few things that I find troubling regarding rock climbing being welcomed back to identified sensitive areas in Devil’s Glen Provincial Park.

Safety and local costs need to be top of mind. Are the routes developed by CSA approved individuals (TSSA inspected) or does any handyman with a drill and crowbar put them up?

Before officially allowing rock climbing, a slope stability study and rigorous inspection of all bolted routes must occur. This will ensure the safety of all park users alike.

Rescues and Ontario Parks liability also require clarification. There have been many rescues for rock climbers in previous years which have cost Clearview taxpayers. Perhaps the Ontario Alliance of Climbers (OAC) can assist in paying for these rescues since they advocate for this activity. I know our neighbours in Grey County have started to recoup their expenses for people out of area requiring rescuing.

As a non-operating park, the authorization of rock climbing will increase operational costs due to an increased need for maintenance, enforcement and values monitoring. Where will this money come from?

As a former climber I see this issue not as anti- rock climbing but being about overdevelopment and development in sensitive areas which need to be addressed. The excessive bolting is creating excessive stress on the parks flora and fauna. When a workplace accident or amusement park accident occurs there are investigations by the appropriate authorities. When the last seven rescues have occurred at Devil’s Glen, has an outside agency inspected for safety or cause of the accident?

A safety management plan that rides on the coat tails of our local volunteer fire and rescue workers is not sufficient – they already have a day job. For climbing to continue these concerns need to be addressed.

Peter Sammon, Clearview.

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