Edward Street speeding zone

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I live across from the park on Edward Street. We have lived here for eight years and really enjoy all the families that visit the park. This is a busy strip but instead of it being a ‘safety zone’ some people think it’s a ‘speeding zone.’ Some cars are a blur going by our living room window. We need to fix this issue before someone gets seriously injured.

Some suggestions are:

• Seasonal speed bumps – but the speeding issue happens all year long.

• Speed humps – not so hard on snow ploughs.

• A speed camera – to catch these idiots before they seriously injure someone.

Something needs to be done now. Soon The Brix condo residents will be taking occupancy so both foot traffic and vehicle traffic will be increased immensely. We need to keep our beautiful town safe as we grow.

Patti Lee Buchta,


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