Creemore Village Green is an oasis

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Every Tuesday morning during the growing season a group of volunteers from the Creemore Horticultural Society works in the public gardens in our village.

This morning it was heartwarming to see of people of all ages enjoying the new revitalized space. There were small children from the local daycare laughing and playing on the grass and seniors from Creeden Valley sitting in the sunshine. Others were having asnack at the colourful orange tables and there were dog walkers passing through.

People walking by the gardens stopped to remark on the beautiful bulbs and flowering crabapples. We were happy to know our work is appreciated but there are many people who contribute to the life of this community space. The summer concerts attractlocals and visitors alike – music it seems brings people together and we are fortunate to have an outdoor space with a stage to compliment the events held at the Station on the Green.

Kudos to everyone, from the people who had the vision of how this space could serve our village to those who designed and built all the components. It is accessible to all – those using walkers or wheelchairs can enjoy the gardens and the music. Mothers with young children have a tranquil space to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks to all involved for making our Village Green so special. Many hands and hearts created this lively social oasis in Creemore and I for one am most grateful.

Gillian Stoker-Lavelle,


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